About Us

At D&R’s we pride ourselves on preparing inspiring, superior healthy meals that you can heat up in minutes, refrigerate for a few days, or freeze and store for later.

All of our recipes are authentic and unique and every meal has a home-cooked taste that places it on a par with any chef prepared meal from your favourite restaurant.

We source all of our ingredients from reputable suppliers who are known for their exceptional quality within the restaurant and catering trade. We don’t use any cheap ingredients or take any shortcuts.

Prioritising Good Health

Incorporating high quality meals into a healthy well-balanced diet is not impossible. In fact, it’s one of the things we do best at D&R’s.

Healthy diets shouldn’t be boring or soul destroying. If they are, they won’t work. That’s why fad diets come and go and people just don’t stick to them.

We are working on inspiring meal plans that genuinely offer taste and variety. We use high quality ingredients to create a sustainable Meal Plans you will want to stick to.

R&J for Quality

D&R’s sources only the best quality locally produced meat and poultry and we are delighted to have secured an exclusive supply from R&J – Yorkshire’s Finest Farmers and Butchers.

Dave has visited Waterford House Farm and has formed an enduring partnership with Ryan Atkinson .

Dave says “Everything from the way the livestock are treated to R&J’s professional approach to farming and butchery skills fills me with confidence that their produce is second to none.”

healthy well-balanced diet

R&J Yorkshire’s Finest is a butcher with deep roots to the land and an abundance of farming heritage. That hard-won harmony with the land lies at the heart of R&J Yorkshire’s Finest.

R&J was established in 1978 by Robert and Jo Atkinson, both from farming families. Inspired to build on the firm foundations provided by their successful cattle farming business they began supplying meat directly to friends, neighbours and local families. Word gradually spread and before long restaurants and country pubs from miles around were placing orders. Some of those early customers are still on the books today.

R&J is one of the very few catering butchers in the country to maintain their own herd as well as an informal co-operative of suppliers, who have all been chosen for their focus on taste, free grazing and animal welfare.

Here at R&J, we pride ourselves on Quality and Consistency. All our animals graze freely in open pastures, an approach which is not only much kinder to the animals but which also produces the highest quality meats, rich in flavour. That is the way we farm, and that is the way we will always farm.

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